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Sophia Rainbow Tee - Just like on The Walking Dead. Printed on comfy 100% cotton. buymebreakfast.com

Sophia's Rainbow t-shirt like The Walking Dead. Printed on comfy cotton.

Sh*t! If you didn't peek out of the damn car! You would be alive! You and Carl would have a love life! Instead Enid is taking over!! Sophia!

Fact If only Sophia had listened.

And award for the worst parenting skills goes to....

Stupid Lori and that Damn Kid

Stay in the house Carl! Gotta love The Walking Dead

Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus

Andrew Lincoln & Norman Reedus (I'm almost certain that's exactly how they meant it.people are shipping them XD

Awwwwwww memories rip glenn

He's Korean! // The Walking Dead // Daryl Merle I swear, i liked him more when i found out he was korean (i guess i have a japanese and korean fetish xD)

You got it! ;o)

Do not EVER. Compare "Daryl Dixon" to Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris is a real person compared to the fantasy world of "The Walking Dead".

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Characters - TV vs The Comics

The Walking Dead - characters - TV vs Comic Book

Yes this was my viewing experience. This about sums it up

Smart move

The reaction to The Walking Dead: Rick and the Governor - this was totally me!

We are the walking dead

We are the walking dead - The Walking Dead fan art


The Walking Dead lmfao!