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Pokemon #48- Venonat

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BULBASAUR used RAZOR LEAF by Ununununium.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Gonna get a pipe cleaner Pokemon in return hooray! BULBASAUR used RAZOR LEAF


I feel like Psyduck will forever be the lovable idiot

Cool and surprising Poke'mon facts.

It saddens me that Sabeleye and Spiritomb now have weaknesses thanks to that stupid Fairy type.


030 Nidorina by Ninjendo on DeviantArt

File:047Parasect Dream.png

Parasect-Weird Facts About Pokemon

The Most Majestic Locations People Have Caught Pokémon Gym leaders, the badges and the cities in which they are located.

Gym leaders, the badges and the cities in which they are located.---- shouldn't it be Blue in the place of Giovani? This looks like the HeartGold and SoulSilver versions of the Kanto leaders


[Image - 415013]

I truly dislike "swag" but this was just too perfect. Poliwhirl looks adorable with the crown on!


Geodude is a gray boulder with muscular rocky five-fingered arms, levitating off…

hahaha suck it growlithe

pokemon clipart - Google Search

pokemon clipart - Google Search