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Goodbye at Pennsylvania Station, 1944 photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt

1962 - Priest Luis Padillo offers last rites to a loyalist soldier who is mortally wounded by a sniper during military rebellion against President Bétancourt at Puerto Cabello naval base in Venezuela. (Héctor Rondón Lovera)

Navy chaplain Luis Padillo gives last rites to a soldier wounded by sniper fire during a revolt in Venezuela. (Héctor Rondón Lovera) 40 Of The Most Powerful Photographs Ever Taken

1940 Nighties Mothers and Babies in Hospital Air Raid Shelter Early Vintage

Sheltering from the Blitz, October 5 1940 - Women, Girls and babies (lying on the shelf) wait in an air raid shelter run by the Salvation Army in Clapton, east London, during the Blitz

Joan Crawford, 1920s

fashion consultant: Joan Crawford - Photographed from 1920 to 1930 talking about modern and vintage fashion style

A pilot jumps from his burning plane. For many pilots the horror of being burned alive in a plane was their greatest fear. Some carried a side arm to finish themselves off. Many simply free-fell to their death.None of the pilots on any of the sides wore parachutes. Parachutes had been invented, but the high commands of the belligerent nations believed that they would destroy the “fighting spirit” of pilots. Of course the high command never flew any planes!

A German pilot plummets as his Albatross fighter goes down in flames. Most pilots did not wear parachutes and chose to plunge to their deaths rather than burn in their planes.

POZOR, budeš brečet! 20 nejúžasnějších fotek zamilovaných párů během války - Evropa 2

Alfred Eisenstaedt - Farewell to departing troops at New York’s Penn Station, April 1943

 Whenever I see a picture from WWII, I always look for grandpa...

My favorite WWII picture

A group of men from the Armored Engineer Battalion, US Armored Division gather round a piano for a sing-a-long in the Rue Monteglise, Barenton in Normandy on the of August (Colourised by Jared Enos from America)

I was born way too late! Love this image,

Couple in Penn Station sharing farewell kiss before he ships off to war during WWII. (Photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt/Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images) Jan 1943

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I really do admire Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Prince Phillip has been supporting the queen for the past 60 years.not to mention i think they make a good looking couple too. Long live the Queen and Prince Phillip.

My favorite picture of my grandparents. My grandfather had just got back from war. - Imgur

My favorite picture of my grandparents. My grandfather had just got back from war.

Caption: "My favorite picture of my grandparents. My grandfather had just got back from war." <<< Not my grandparents, but a sweet picture nonetheless

Ladies rockin' the round rim sunglasses: popular style during the 30's

Take a look at women's sunglasses. The vintage styles and fashion trends through and beyond. Plus where to buy vintage or new retro sunglasses.

Vintage romance

snow, couple, ice skating, black and white, photography how cute would getting engaged like this be

A penny farthing built for two...

Are they having fun? :) <> How'd you like to have to wear that lady's get-up when you jump on your bike? (vintage tandem bike, bicycle, whew) To those bike riding pioneers who worked the kinks out for us - hats off!

Tunisian Berber woman, with tattoo and traditional jewellery (early 1900s)

Young Berber woman of Tunisia (early File:Lehnert Landrock - Ouled Naïl Tunisie