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A female couple kiss after saying their vows .     Loving couple

A female couple kiss after saying their vows .

Looks I'm Loving Lately

Looks I'm Loving Lately

How to Style Different Types of Boots. You can pair a single pair of boots with different outfits and that one pair will surely make each one of your

::22 Jump Street star Amber Stevens talks fitness, diet and Channing Tatum <<< Find an activity you enjoy and it won’t feel like a workout. I enjoy hot yoga at a studio that plays really fun music during class, so time flies and before I know it I’ve had an intense workout while having fun. Also, I always work out with a friend. It motivates me when I need to keep a commitment to myself and a friend!::

"22 Jumpstreet" Star Amber Stevens Talks Fitness, Diet, & Channing Tatum's Dance Moves

The inevitable George Clooney

Breaking into George Clooney's villa : Shock! Breaking into George Clooney's villa on Lake Como the criminals went to an expensive sip of wine of an actor f

Confirmed: G.R.L. Singer Simone Battle Hanged Herself - http://urbangyal.com/confirmed-g-r-l-singer-simone-battle-hanged/ #simonebattle

RIP Simone battle, we will miss you and GRL won't be the same without you.

For some people, the most frustrating part of their body is their BELLY. For some reason they can pull hours each week at the gym and tone the rest of their body just fine, but the annoying tire around their middle just won’t deflate. I want to share with

Want a trimmer belly? We've mapped out a whole day filled with smart food choices and easy-to-squeeze-in exercises that let you live your life and still tone your abs.

Charlotte, NC 6/8/15 (x)

Let's all take a moment to appreciate the level of commitment, emotion and energy Taylor puts into everything she does!