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A Long, Deep Furrow

A Long, Deep Furrow

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Never judge a book by its movie . sayings - quotes - quotes - inspirational words - words of wisdom -

Happiness at Work: Be Resilient, Motivated, and Successful - No Matter What. Srikumar S. Rao

Happiness at Work: Be Resilient, Motivated, and Successful - No Matter What de [Rao, Srikumar]

Seamlessly weaving together American history, frightening facts about America’s present condition, and a fast-placed plot, Glenn’s thriller will educate, enlighten, and, most importantly, entertain his fans in a whole new way

The Overton Window – Glenn Beck. This is one of my current (last 5 years) favorite books. He also has written more books. 21 Seconds is the next one I plan to read.

If you're looking for a life-changing, emotional nonfiction books, check out these great memoirs. Perfect for women and fans of Wild!

11 Powerful New Memoirs to Read If You Loved 'Wild'

Twenty years ago, Cheryl Strayed completed her transformative hike on the Pacific Crest Trail, and we're celebrating by recommending books if you like Wild.

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Memento Mori

The invention of murder : how the Victorians revelled in death and detection and created modern crime / Judith Flanders. Recommended by Elizabeth, Miller Library

Product Details

Product Details

'11/22/63' - One of the latest Stephen King's work of art.

Readers' Poll: The 10 Best Stephen King Books

by Stephen King. Normally the name Stephen King is enough to terrify me and fill my head with psycho zombie cats and killer clowns. However, this book was fantastic to read and really showed a different side of Stephen King! LONG read but was worth it!