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Friend's till the very end

Ron Weasley is not the comic relief. See "that one time fourteen year old Ron Weasley stood on his broken leg to tell a convicted murderer he would go down fighting for his best friend's life".


Even though I do not ship WolfStar at all, I feel like if it were real this is how it would go if James and Peter found out.>> i on the other hand ship it

Oh this! I can imagine McGonagall with that look in hear eyes of pure terror and anger! Oh! I can't even right now this is hilarious

I can imagine them timing it just right so that the stairs switch at just the right time to continue to carry the wheelchair down all the way to ground floor or maybe lower

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And of course, Lily has no problem figuring out who created the map after that.

Then one day they get late to class and Mcgonagall just mutters, "Honestly, you four need a map of the whole school to get to classes." And that's how the Map came to.

This is perfect

No they would have light sabers and scare the crap out of every pure blood or use the force and grab things to make the puebloods go crazy and watch them trying to use magic without their wands!

I could see this.

And when Remus sees Lilly for the first time after his death, Lilly gives him chocolate for looking after Harry. <it was cute but then by heart broke

And he's going to the dorm where he sits on his bed hugging himself

Well, Dumbledore is gay. I never thought that. But I think Sirius really liked the bragging rights. << Friend he is definitely gay, canonically, he even dated? I think dated Grindelwald

Sirius talking his way out of trouble with Minnie McG.

Sirius talking his way out of trouble with Minnie McG.<<< I am now going to refer to her as Minnie McG lol

Poor Snape

Pardon the language…but I accept this. Alice and Frank would probably never forgive Snape for his treatment of Neville. Lily *might* forget it - never forgive, but maybe forget - and only after kicking his butt from one end of the afterlife to the next.