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If a dog will not come to you,

25 Inspiring Quotes For People Who Love Animals

Beagle, voiced by Tobey Macquire, not this specific Beagle, but who knows where the Cats and Dogs beagle is,

We are a beagle loving family!

from The Beagle Freedom Project website; you can just see the relief and joy in this guy's eyes from being freed from his lab crate

How can anyone resist this face?!?

Dedicated to the Beagle dogs and Beagle puppies. Covering topics like Hunting Beagles, Beagle Breeders and Beagle Rescue. Get tips on training your Beagle dog and Beagle puppy!

An eight-year-old boy was having a difficult time after the passing of his mother. When a shelter dog Charlee came into Chase’s life, he was able to smile and laugh again.

A shelter dog helps a grieving boy smile again

If you're cute and you know it..flaunt it!!

dearly love and miss each one of the pets in my life that have crossed the rainbow bridge

You have perfected the “puppy dog eyes.” | 38 Signs You’re A BassetHound

Have you ever asked yourself, "Am I a basset hound?" Well, here are some telltale signs that you do, in fact, have the best genes around.


This is what my Beagle does when my husband gets up for work - not even a minute after he gets up out of the bed, the dog is in his spot snuggling with me!

So true, I don't know we're I would be without my dogs Sparky & Jojo

And this is Sammy!!! Always makes a mess but Oakley eats up all the pieces afterwards

My beagle Duke does that and my other beagle Molly eats what he leaves

Excess baggage...

Best photos of the week (50 Photos)

Dog with puppies puppys I come with two subwoofers meme joke lol lulz funny picture caption