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Russia Summer 2010 / by Dmitriy Christoprudov

Russia Summer 2010 / by Dmitriy Christoprudov

1937: Grand Central Station (NYC Dept. of Records, Municipal Archives)  It has been one of my photographic goals to capture light rays, as they flowed in thru my kitchen windows or down thru a forest canopy. This photo, besides taking my breath away with its statement of architectural majesty, was instructional; the over-exposed windows, the motion blur of the commuters, both indicate that I need to go with much longer exposures. In-door smoking in those days probably helped as well.

The main concourse of Grand Central Terminal, in New York, is seen from the Campbell apartment in this 1937 photo. The posh apartment, in one of America's grandest train stations, was the playground of financier John Campbell in the roaring NEW YORK CITY.

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Mother Nature’s most fleeting and dramatic moments, as photographed by Bob Kolbrener, on view next week at Pamela Lerner Antiques.

Frank Machalowski is an award-winning German photographer, who lives and work in Berlin. After studying economic studies in Berlin and applying himself to

7 Questions: Frank Machalowski On 'Monsters,' His Eerie Long Exposure Photos of Crowds

The NewYorkologist: Paramount Theater at Times Square, New York, 1935

Times Square, Betty Boop on the marquee. The Astor came down mid-sixties, along with Penn Station and Singer Building: a bad time for beaux-arts. Streetcars in the square, no overhead wires. New York City