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Home Remedies to Treat an Upset Stomach

How To Get Toned In 7 Days

Drinking green tea with lemon improves the health benefits of the green tea. According to researchers at Purdue University, citrus juice brings out green tea's antioxidants, making them more available for your body to absorb.



Strange but effective home remedies: eat olives to cure motion sickness, bite a pencil to cure tension headaches, eat a spoonful of sugar to cure hiccups, gargle salt water for a sore throat, eat yogurt to cure bad breath, use duct tape to remove warts, use vapor rub to cure nail fungus, use oatmeal to soothe eczema.

8 Home Remedies that Actually Work: olives cure motion sickness? hart does Johnathan still get car sick?

Sore throat remedy - no joke - just ate a marshmallow and it's SO much easier to swallow.

Sore Throat Relief: The marshmallow was first made to help relieve a sore throat! Just eat a few of them when your throat is hurting and let them do their magic. Good to know for sick kids who probably won't mind an excuse to eat marshmallows.

Free Calorie Counter -- By SparkPeople  This website has helped me out with my weight lose. I dont think I would have kept going or known what I was putting in my mouth if not for this and I love the little exercise videos they have if you have 9 min.. they have a workout or 12 min.. its great! Check it out! Carie-

This website offers free calorie and fitness trackers , recipes and alot of message boards. kinda like a free weight watchers.Free Calorie Counter -- By SparkPeople via


300 rep ab workout for those students who want to show off their 6 pack during the summer

for all you runners and wanna-be runners (yeah, that's me)

Workout Motivation

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NFL Lean Out Meal Plan...Great, easy meal ideas to check out for bfast, lunch, and dinner! Weight Loss Plan | Mens Health

NFL Lean Out Meal Plan

Find a week's worth of Abs Diet meal plan recipes and easily kick of your Men's Health weight loss challenge.

Which Summertime Home Remedies Really Work?  Separate fact from fiction when it comes to what soothes sunburns, bug bites and more

Which Summertime Home Remedies Really Work?

Which Summertime Home Remedies Really Work? Separate fact from fiction when it comes to what soothes sunburns, bug bites and