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The Blue-and-yellow Tanager (Pipraeidea bonariensis) - from HMS Beagle expedition by Elizabeth Gould

The Blue-and-yellow Tanager (Pipraeidea bonariensis) or Darwin's Tanager, by Elizabeth Gould from The Zoology of the Voyage of H. Beagle, under the command of Captain Fitzroy, R., during the years 1832 to Part Birds.

This is 1 Butt kickin' Beautiful pic that reminds you to live in the present....

Thank god I'm a country girl: Love Life Country Countryside Sunsets Sunrise Farm Clouds Stunning Landscape ~B


When dry the fresh smell was like Forest Flowers. Really brought back thoughts of walking in the summer through the woods and forests in the local area with the wild flowers

Young Longhorn cow.  www.lapistolalonghorns.com

Young Longhorn cow. www.lapistolalonghorns.com