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DIY Skylights From Used Water Bottles Replace 50-Watt Bulbs

Inexpensive solar lighting. Water-filled Water Bottles can replace Light Bulbs during the day - read more ... /;)

My new favorite thing - 2 liter soda bottle + water + bleach + film container = 50 watt light fixture.

2-liter bottle of water in roof provides as much light as 60-watt light bulb. Good idea in a garden shed and/or chicken coop.

2 Liter Bottles of Light provide as much light as a 50 watt light globe. The slums of the Philippines are getting an extreme home makeover in the form of two liter bottles in their ceilings. The bott (Bottle Lights Ceiling)

off the grid lighting http://www.bestalternativeenergyideas.com/

Using solar bottle bulbs is a smart and creative way to provide light in your house. This infographic provides information for how to make a solar bot--> tree house lighting

How to build a SOLAR BOTTLE BULB....and it could be cuter than a Pepsi bottle too!


A Solar bottle lightbulb. Just a soda bottle water and a small amount of bleach. Equal to a 55 watt bulb! What a great homeschool science project!

Plastic soda bottles filled with water and clorox, then sealed with caulking, function as skylights in homes without electricity.

Soda bottle skylights

Here’s a way to brighten up enclosed spaces in an environmentally friendly way. The power of the sun is harnessed using a bottle full of water. Quite simply they’re used soda bo…

Knocking a hole in your ceiling can be intimidating. But done carefully and correctly, installing a skylight can be a fun DIY project that lights up your home's interior.

How I Did It: Installing a Skylight

flush / walkable skylight - Notting-Hill Roof garden 2011 by Modular Garden

Modern, minimal, neutral colour with plant colour accents. Notting-Hill Roof garden 2011 by Modular Garden