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haha story of my life XD

Students: "But we didn't learn it last year! She didn't teach us that!" Teacher: " Oh really? Well let's ask her." *Brings last year's teacher in* "Did you teach them this?" Teacher "YES! They should remember it!

Smaller and smaller

Smaller the student, the bigger the desk. Bigger the student, smaller desk.

Pretty Accurate Life Charts

Pretty Accurate Life Charts

Funny pictures about Most accurate graphs ever made. Oh, and cool pics about Most accurate graphs ever made. Also, Most accurate graphs ever made.

Hahahahahahahahaha. So true.

Hahahhaha so true. Your crush walks in the room. Your friend looks at you like. Be cool.

charming life pattern: that's me - quote - when people are talking about ...

This is me when i hear people talking about horses! People have NO idea about horses!


Adam Sandler in Billy Madison. That moment when you understand something in a hard class: I am the smartest man alive!