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I couldn't stop laughing after reading these epic texts. These are just hilarious and so funny that you are gonna die.

A real man buys his girl tampons quotes - Google Search

I feel like this is a text conversation I would have.and that's why my girlfriend loves me as well. But our "fun time" is all about pumpkin carving and Disney movies :)

Cute crush texts

For some reason I was relating this to Katie Gardener, Will Solace, and Rachel Elizabeth Dare from HO

Wish this would happen

That is sooooooo cute! But how do pull off texting your crush about your crush you think it would be the first thing you& check, who you& texting.

lol so funny but take the S word out and say "well ok"

Then he went to burger shot and yelled at the clerk, "whats your nam!" The clerk said, "Squidward haha" I said, " Give me the krabby pattie formula!

Love that dad

Sweetie this is your Father // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

I actually almost woke my brother up by almost yelling BURN!!!!! LMAO

I don't have a real life Apply cold water to the burned area