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Reseda Luteola / Weld / Dyer's Weed / Natural dyes on Handspun Wool

Reseda Luteola / Weld / Dyer's Weed / Natural dyes on Handspun Wool

Planning your Natural Dye Garden

Planting your Natural Dye Garden for a Full Palette of Natural Colors

how to dye fabric the natural way

How To Dye Fabric The Natural Way

DIY ~ How To Dye Fabric The Natural Way Been wanting to try dying fabric with turmeric!

Ordinary grapevine wreath can give an interesting organic twist to a variety of garden elements, including a birdbath. Here, grapevine is twisted around a shallow ceramic bowl. Loops of copper wire suspend the birdbath from a branch. Twigs tucked in here

Whimsical Landscaping Design Ideas

So clever! DIY: Bird bath (or even just a bird nest) using shallow ceramic bowl, grapevine wreath & copper wire. In the spring, add bits of fabric & string within the grapevine for nest building.

Zelf #wolverven met planten.

Zelf #wolverven met planten.

I. A Woman of Woad You seek alchemy. You crave the mysteries of an ancient blue. So you sign up for initiation, unaware that your seduction by woad has already begun. Why else would you, a writer, join for instruction with weavers of cotton, wool, and silk? Why else plunge your hands into smelly vats at a workshop on dyeing?

Before Indigo was used, "woad" was used. "Woad is an old color. A conversation with history. A natural dye. An ugly plant. Locked in green leaves, compounds that break into pigments of blue" - hand dye wool