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Hmm... what's different

Hmm... what's different

"Hi There"  "What do you suppose today's phoney unemployment numbers will be?"

If it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck. AFLAC it's a duck!

Red-tailed Hawk In Flight Back Shot

Red tailed hawk, a long time ago my dad found an injured hawk (someone had shot it). We rescued it and nursed it back to health then set it free. Needless to say, I'm pretty fond of these birds


Or in the words of Xykon: "Sacrificing minions: is there anything is can't solve?

What do you get when you combine art and radios? A temple made of speakers; a modern Delphi Oracle.

Temple made of speakers a modern Delphi oracle

Call Artist Benoit Maubrey models a giant public sound sculpture on the temple built at the famed site of the Delphic oracle.


or Centaurus A is an elliptical galaxy in the Virgo constellation about 12 million light years from earth. This image was taken by ESO in the visible light spectrum. collided with another elliptical galaxy 300 million years ago.

Orlando stamp issued by Great Britain in 1994. I love Orlando the Marmalade Cat.

Orlando stamp issued by Great Britain in I love Orlando the Marmalade Cat.

7. Holyoke

12 Small Towns In Colorado Where Everyone Knows Your Name

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