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Just because it's shinny doesn't mean you should touch it. You might pull back with a hand full of  glitter poop.

30 of the best Rainbow Cupcakes, Unicorn Poop, and Rainbow Cake Recipes. Rainbow recipes and unicorn recipes for St. Patrick's Day and Spring.

What Kind Of Unicorn Are You?

What Kind Of Unicorn Are You?

Calling all Awesome people! Who else can see this?

Who else can see the unicorns. FYI If you see unicorns and glitter you are even more awesome. I SEE THE UNICORN!

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We'll be using these for book club ("Zombies Vs. Unicorns") this summer. Haha my girls would love this!

Unicorn poop cupcake.. Saffy wants these cupcakes and a unicorn cake. She really wants to know if this is really what unicorns poop out. I said the real stuff is usually more sparkly.

It’s a rainbow cake topped with frosting grass and a fondant pile of glittered, star clad rainbow “unicorn poop”…since unicorns only poop once a year on April Fool's Day.

Rainbow Pinwheel Cookies

Rainbow Pinwheel Cookies

A Unicorn Poop!)Rainbow Pinwheel Cookies - easy w/sugar cookie dough, tinted (holiday colors) and the rest of the process looks pretty simple

Unicorn Poop. I know a few people who I'm going to bless with this here unicorn poo. haha!

Unicorn Poop Sugar Cookies - one of my FB friends just made these with her kiddos.I think I need to make them with my kiddos soon. Just need some dough and food coloring.

Unicorn Poop Cookies

Unicorn Poop Cookies - what a fab idea! I never knew unicorns pooped rainbows and sprinkles!


Unicorn Pillow Magical Pooping Unicorn by ohhoneychild on Etsy.what is it with unicorns and pooping magic?