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208: Sunday fun day!

208: Sunday fun day!

52 sundays; may 5, 2013 by Smith Bites

may 2013 by Smith Bites

Contraction surgery ..this is such fun, oh and the kids love it too!

You are the "contraction surgeon". Cut apart the two words and then reassemble with a bandaid. Since bandaids are expensive.I will make a xeroxed bandaid for my students to use.

The experts Lol

"Because we know security is most important, we called the experts in airbags. Lay's and Dorito's tie for the award for how much air they can put into a bag of "chips" and get away with it.

I Got Plurality Excellence!!! Wow! From Phenomena to Crises to Radii, you know your Plurals! The wild and wacky English language is often a hodgepodge of foreign words, weird abbreviations, and interesting conjugations. Plurals can be some of the most incorrectly applied and mixed up components of grammar, and most people really struggle with this quiz – but not you! Whether you’re a writer, or just a grammar aficionado, you absolutely dominated this quiz! Great job! Think your friends can…

Can You Identify The Plural Of These 14 Tough Words? These words drive Grammar lovers crazy! Do you know how to say the plural forms of these challenging words? Try the quiz!

Woman Offers Free Kiddie Pools to Dog Owners to Keep Their Pets Cool in the Heat

I always love the "Random Acts of Kindness" ideas: 35 Pictures That Prove The World Isn’t Such A Bad Place - And this person put this outside their house on a particularly hot day.

Montessori Cleaning Station. Montessori Materials Australia. Dustpan, Mop, Bucket, Window Squeege.

Montessori Cleaning Station with Dustpan, Mop, Bucket, Window Squeege. Great idea for Montessori kitchen setup for practical life activities!

189: 73 Photos That’ll Make You Laugh So Hard You’ll Cry. Guaranteed. (They are pretty much right)

73 Photos That’ll Make You Laugh So Hard You’ll Cry. (They are pretty much right)

20 Heart-warming random acts of kindness :)

Magic Kingdom Security Guard Said To The Little Girl, "Excuse Me Princess, Can I Have Your Autograph?" His Book Was Filled With Children's Scribbles. :) The Little Girl Couldn't Get Over The Fact That He Thought She Was A Real Princess! How Sweet!