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Make everything shrek

Make everything shrek

this is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.<<<<My two favorite things one direction and shrek

How to ruin hipster photos. BAHAHAHA!

How to ruin hipster photos--the last 4 are great, especially the Oceanlol--My favourite pastime is ruining hipster posts.

Lupita and Ellen discuss tabloid rumors... - The Meta Picture

Lupita and Ellen discuss tabloid rumors…

Lupita and Ellen discuss tabloid rumors // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

Good! Yeah, whenever you're happy it makes me happy to. I'll see you at 4ish! Pray for my lesson!

Funny pictures about Sarcasm font. Oh, and cool pics about Sarcasm font. Also, Sarcasm font.

I love Neil Patrick Harris!!!! He is possibly the greatest man EVER!

So majestic…

Neil Patrick Harrison is so many levels of majestic I can't even process it XD

Daily Morning Epicness

True story: one time a wild (female) deer came up to me and tried to mount and hump me. Lol>>>>A DEER GOD

originally from http://i.imgur.com/0E3wsGS.png

Ship name Yahoogle? Man I ship some weird stuff search engines, pen and book of color, countries.

parents who have way too much fun!

We have rounded up some funny and geeky parents who around bound for internet stardom. Parents are hilarious when they try lol

Album of twitter user @baddiewinkle's greatest hits

A look into our future

In 50 years this is what we will all be like. Something to laugh at but scary if this is how people will be in the future!

LOL.. girl finds wasp during photo shoot.. the best!

Funny pictures about That Moment When You Notice There's A Wasp Nest Over Your Head. Oh, and cool pics about That Moment When You Notice There's A Wasp Nest Over Your Head. Also, That Moment When You Notice There's A Wasp Nest Over Your Head photos.

Kids are given Game Boys and say this...

Kids are given Game Boys and say this…

Kids React to Game Boys. Oh I wanted to kill them all when I watched this. Except for the last kid. I like that kid" vandewettering seriously? Kill kids/ mad at kids cause they dont understand game boys? Somethings wrong with yiu lol!

I'm dying right now!!!

Tumblr Gold

"People with vaginas".the one under that is like the most hilarious thing XD

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 52 Pics

"Taco knows how long It's been since you washed that bra you're wearing." "You disgust taco." "Keep your mouth shut, Taco." Funny greeting cards with cats

Im in love with this, i laughed too hard at some of these... I really should go to bed lol

By the end I was cry laughing-- I had to read the last one a few times cuz I'm like wtf why would my movie eat my popcorn?

Parenting done right

Parenting done right OMG LoL I thought I was gonna have to tell you to shut your whore mouth but then you made me laugh XD