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I hate those rings in my toilet. I don't know how they get there but they do. 1 cup of vinegar and 1/4 cup of baking soda can fix that? :)

I hate those rings in my toilet. 1 cup of vinegar and cup of baking soda can fix that! Make sure to let sit for about 15 minutes or so and no scrubbing needed :-).

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This home underwent a complete overhaul, into a calm cozy cottage farmhouse cabin by Jenna Sue Design Co., located in the California foothills.

Clean a sluggish toilet  Clean out mineral deposits with a mirror and hanger

13 Quick Cleaning Tips: Clean Your House Fast

Use a mirror and a coat hanger Use a hand mirror to see the holes under the rim of the toilet. Bend a coat hanger flat and probe the tip into the holes to poke out any mineral deposits.

Toilet Paper Christmas Gift - this would be cute with a box of Kleenex too. Click on link to read card.

Cute Toilet Paper Christmas Gift idea: Money is scarce and times are hard. So I'm giving you this instead of a card. Something to use, something to share, so bottoms up, just cause we care. ---Could also be a gag gift!

The Craft Patch: How To Clean The Holes In The Rim of Your Toilet Bowl

soak cotton balls in bleach and then poke into each hole in the rim of your toilet. Let it absorb for hours and peel away each cotton ball. Make sure to use gloves and wear a mask!