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Oh no!

I really need to stop quoting movies after sex. "That'll do pig.

elevator cheat


Sarcasm and stupidity meet at the elevator press the button three times it goes into hurry up mode

Lets have sex. Breathe for yes. Lick your eyebrow for no.

Lets have sex. Breathe for yes. Lick your eyebrow for no. And if you can lick that eyebrow. I don't want sex ;) I wanna test that tongue

Teen Wolf Polska (@TeenWolfPL_) — 1732 odpowiedzi, 23134 polubienia | ASKfm

Get in touch with Teen Wolf Polska ( — 2110 answers, 26636 likes. Ask anything you want to learn about Teen Wolf Polska by getting answers on ASKfm.

Bitch please, I'm FABULOUS!

Funny pictures about Fabulous animals. Oh, and cool pics about Fabulous animals. Also, Fabulous animals.

This is so wrong, but hilarious!

Free and Funny Flirting Ecard: Making a new mint flavored birth control pill that you take right before sex. I am calling them 'Predickamints.

My arteries are so full of grease they are like a slip and slide.

How Are You Dealing With The Aporkalypse?

Free and Funny Encouragement Ecard: Doctors are saying that each piece of bacon you eat takes 9 minutes off of your life. Based on that math, I should have died in

Deadly Humor: Once upon a time it was.  But that's another reason I liked the Seventies.

At my funeral, when they're lowering me into the ground, I demand they play: "Drop it Like It's Hot". And if you could have Snoop sing it, that would be awesome!

Dressed Up LPE- match sole never looks dirty. danaval

hey arnold's skirt is really his shirt? i always thought it was a kilt. about time in my life to finally get this figured out.

so true! #dora

Funny pictures about Stranded on a desert island. Oh, and cool pics about Stranded on a desert island. Also, Stranded on a desert island photos.

The mystery is finally solved!

I literally laughed out loud at this one! I've always wondered.