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Darling, bring me my BOOK!

"I'm too pretty to work." Plus my husband told me the other day that he doesn't want me to go back to work.

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Directly copying someone else's work is not cool! The College of Everything: Plagiarism, 3

Just my friends will truly enjoy this (but probably annoy them too)

H.E. Double Hockey Sticks…NO! Learning to use that little gem of a word

Check out this funny meme!Hilarious meme from the house of funny

Ack, they're everywhere! >_< Lol this is what I get when I draw something at a time when I should be sleeping I doodled it yesterday night and to. I see dumb people o_O

We all have our preferences...

You say I'm insane. That's ok with me but I prefer the term mentally hilarious. Insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expectin.

The Truth of the Matter...By Dr. Suess

Funny pictures about If Dr. Seuss had been more obvious. Oh, and cool pics about If Dr. Seuss had been more obvious. Also, If Dr. Seuss had been more obvious.