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Soft Landing by anikol beetle.

When a Ladybug lands, they slow down their flight, and glide down to a gentle landing on the leaf. slowing down my flight at the end of each day to a gentle landing.

Nature's intelligence:Trees can warn each other about insect attacks: Intact, undamaged trees near ones that are infested with hungry bugs begin pumping out bug-repelling chemicals to ward off attack. They somehow know what their neighbors are experiencing, and react to it.

THE TREES HAVE EYES! Clear the lower branches from a thicket of trees and go nuts! If you paint them really big, they could work along the trees on the dam wall because people view them from afar. Use glow in the dark pink paint!


Escargot ~~ snail ♥ love them would never eat them .used to play with them as a child on Ile aux hérons.

When this photo is viewed small, it looks as though there is a small female faery wearing a bluish dress in the center of the wings...view large, and she transforms immediately into an insect.

Photograph Fairy of forest by Olga Viarenich - lovely mushrooms and a large moth/butterfly

Yes. I am the little snail from that love song played in You Are The Sunshine Of My Life. Who else would I be? HELLO??

princeof-heart: “ sexycomputervoice: “ staceythinx: “ Rain or shine, macro photographer Vadim Trunov captures the surprisingly adventurous lives of snails. ” So beautiful.

Landing somewhere between sculpture, textiles and artisan stuffed-animal-making, Mister Finch is an anomaly in the field of makers--huge, beautiful embroidered and stuffed insects and animals is what he makes en masse. But these creatures are much more than stuffed animals. Hailing from some magic realm of the guilded and antique, these huge dusty moths, spiders, mushrooms and rabbits take on a wonderfully sophisticated, charming character.

The Art of Mister Finch

Mister Finch, Artist, Textile Moths, scraps of thread, fabric and paper I hope I'm not the only one who thinks it'd be cool to have a giant moth sculpture.

What a world looks like to a snail. Just beautiful!! A Magical Miniature World Of Snails By Vyacheslav Mishchenko

A Magical Miniature World Of Snails By Vyacheslav Mishchenko

Gorgeous Butterflies! #2 is so cool! Click for All pictures, beautiful, nature …

Found this and the first thing I thought of was our precious God. A rainbow is a sign of God to me and I thought this was beautiful. Wish I could see one in real life.

Caramujo colorido

Curiosidades sobre os Animais

"Painted Snails, Cuban Land Snails, Polymita picta" - Who started post-modern art, God or man?

house, sweet house...pin sent to me by my granddaughter Chelsea.  She said this reminds her of my beautiful garden!

Vadim Trunov's macro photography

A pin sent by s granddaughter named Chelsea. She said this reminds her of her granmother's beautiful garden :) How sweet _

Clathrus Crispus- wiffleball stinkhorn    A beautiful but nasty smelling fungus...flies love it...It isn't poisonous, not that you'd taste it.  Photo credit to: by Adrastia217

clathrus crispus- wiffleball stinkhorn really nasty fungus.not poisonous.not something you want in your yard though wiffleball stinkhorn 01