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Lynn Skordal - Mixed Media. This is so super neat, I wish I would have thought of this while I had to keep an art book in a book senior year of High School. DAMNIT.

Lynn Skordal uses a variety of media, including collage on paper and occasionally embroidery to create arresting pieces of contemporary art.

I'm going to create this beautiful graffiti piece... Or I'm going to be a sarcastic punk... What's the difference really.

I'm going to create this beautiful graffiti piece. Or I'm going to be a sarcastic punk. What's the difference really.

18 Borderline Orgasmic Study Notes You'll Fall In Love With

18 Gorgeous Study Notes That Should Be Framed As Art

15 Powerful Photographs. I am literally crying.

Some of the most powerful images ever captured- the last one brought tears to me eyes. <<< they all brought tears to mine. More tears came with each photo.

Seahorse from scuba diving magazine on Facebook

The greatest underwater photographs from around the world

2014 Underwater Photography Photo Contest winners, Macro Close-up category, place. Photo by Goos ven der Heide

Blue Monday

''I see you,' he says, but he does not touch her or bend beside her to help her up. He stands, looking out, and he lights a match. The world flames up around him and then goes dark. They are all of them dark inside. He blows smoke at her fire.

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