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In this 2011 artist's rendering, a 'sky crane' lowers the Curiosity rover onto the surface of Mars. After travelling 8 1/2 months and about 567 million kilometres, Curiosity will attempt a landing on Mars the night of Aug. 5, 2012.

Anticipation mounts ahead of Curiosity rover's landing on Mars

This artist's concept shows the sky crane maneuver during the descent of NASA's Curiosity rover to the Martian surface. The sheer size of the rover (over one ton, or 900 kilograms) would preclude it from taking advantage of an airbag-assisted landing.

The most exciting thing happening right now: The Mars rover named Curiosity will be attempting to make a landing 5:31 AM GMT on August 6 on Mars.

The most exciting thing happening right now: The Mars rover named Curiosity will be attempting to make a landing AM GMT on August 6 on Mars.


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11 curiosidades sobre la misión Curiosity

Mars Curiosity rover fires laser for first time. The Mars Curiosity rover has done one of the most anticipated actions of its two year-mission to the Red Planet: It fired its laser for the first time.

Rover Environmental Monitoring Station (REMS) tools on NASA's Curiosity Mars.

And Now, a Weather Report From Mars

The Rover Environmental Monitoring Station (REMS) on NASA's Curiosity Mars rover includes temperature and humidity sensors mounted on the rover's mast. One of the REMS booms extends to the left from the mast in this view.

Has NASA Become Mars-Obsessed? [Scientific American. Graphic by Section Design]

Infographic for recent NASA planetary missions: launch date, cost, destination, mission type, mission dates

NASA's Mars Curiosity rover will complete a Martian year -- 687 Earth days -- on June 24, having accomplished the mission's main goal of determining whether Mars once offered environmental conditions favorable for microbial life.

NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover Marks First Martian Year with Mission Successes

Mars Science Laboratory rover curiosity exploring the planet mars - facts, information, videos and pictures. Browse through images from the Mars Science Laboratory - Mars Rover Curiosity

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Mars rover image

Art on Mars: rover images are a wonder of our time

Jonathan Jones: The photographs taken by the rovers Spirit and Opportunity, on show at the Smithsonian, are the first works of art from the red planet – and modern masterpieces

Mars Curiosity Rover takes a selfie

A mosaic of images from the Curiosity rovers Mars Hand Lens Imager shows the rovers camera mast and deck. The pictures were taken on Oct. 31 during operations at a Martian sampling site known as Rocknest.


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