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Batman drawing in pen that I drew

Batman drawing in pen that I drew

Dribbble - Official Seal of the Derek Zoolander Center for Kids by Seth Nickerson

@Savannah Hall Hall Steiger this isnt the one i was looking for but u should rly try to draw this!!!!

so much expression in her eyes, what an amazing drawing<<< oh gods this is Hazel Levesque

Emma Leonard

Emma Leonard watercolor art girl in chair

Serge Seidlitz drawing during Birmingham Childrens' Hospital 'Doodle Weekend' (2010) - photo from Serge Seidlitz;  The art was made for a hospital fund-raiser.  The artist drew the outlines and invited members of the public color in the white spaces, and the final boards will be used to decorate the walls at the hospital.

Serge Seidlitz drawing live for Doodle Weekend at Birmingham Children's Hospital. Members of the public were later invited to colour in his drawings, with the weekend raising money for a new theatre in the hospital.


"In winter when the cold winds clawed through our thin clothing and made the ground hard and unworkable, I would let my hair hang free and shield my face from at least a little of the wind." <---not mine, but amazing!

Pencil vs. camera. These are the things that make me so happy to be a member of a species on this planet that is so imaginative, creative and fascinating. Proud to be human.

Funny pictures about Pencil vs. Oh, and cool pics about Pencil vs. Also, Pencil vs.


Gabriel Moreno

Spanish artist Gabriel Moreno does wonderful pen and ink drawings, and also beautiful etchings. His works are fluid and graceful. To see more of Gabriel Moreno's art check out more of his portfolio HERE, and his website HERE.

Native American girl with a Wolf head dress // Native American Tattoo Ideas // Gypsy Tattoo

fille seul

Charlie Bowater drawing, girl on swing

croqui sapatos - desenho- ilustração de moda - calçados - illustration shoes- drawing- footwear- fashion

Drawing shoes (Converse, I hope)


When drawing self portrait, you can crop to the part that you may like to express. The eyes can express a lot of emotions in a portrait. Other expressive feature of face is Mouth

I love the eyes so much because it creates a vague expression and is very light. The artist must have had a lot of patience to get it so good :D (Drawing/ inspiration/ sketch)

Pen drawing

Pen drawing

Pencil drawing... seriously??

Little one by Ladowska Traditional Art / Paintings / Portraits - Yes, this NOT photo. this pencil drawing, incredible! A feel an angel looks me, sweet face and eyes sooo beautiful and lovely!

Pen Portraits On Vintage Envelopes by Mark Powell

Pen Portraits On Vintage Envelopes by Mark Powell

Bic Biro on vintage air mail envelope Art Print by Mark Powell Bic Biro Drawings