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How well are you preparing your body for your later years? Click to learn more about which foods can help you look and feel your best at any age! #NuSkin

Anti-Aging Foods and Nutrients for Your Health

How to get rid of forehead wrinkles naturally (No botox naturally) - Bananas (Best Skin Supplements)

A New Jersey woman is suing the Bridgeton Police Department after she described a lengthy case of sexual extortion by Officer Braheme Days.

NJ Woman Caught Shoplifting Claims Cop Gave Her 2 Choices: Jail or Sex

Jill Scott is at her fittest weight in over 20 years and fans are going crazy over her new size. So far, she’s lost over 63 pounds and continues to redefine her body.

Jill Scott is at her fittest weight in over 20 years and fans are going crazy. She's lost over 63 pounds and continues to redefine her body

8 African shows you need to watch

They are the sexy, fast-paced modern dramas and thrillers featuring upwardly mobile Africans that have captivated audiences on the continent.

Omar Malik Pettigen

Man 'murdered mum then cut her heart out before performing solo sex act'

Omar Mark Pettigen allegedly used a tomahawk to strike his mother on the head, shot her multiple times, cut her chest open and picked up her heart.

Words like 'multiracial', 'multicultural' and 'racially mixed' are taking on new and deeper meanings generation-by-generation. We're reaching the point where racial lines are being blurred and humans are happily hacking together genetic makeup that has never been seen before. National Geographic have taken samples of real people living today to demonstrate what the faces of America 2050 will look like. Discuss below!

2 Videos : This Is What Americans Will Look Like By 2050 and 10 Future Technologies That Will Change The World.

Ecole souriante

George Benson and Luciano Pavarotti live performance of " The Greatest Love of All ". Only the best is good enoug.

15 Best Part Time Jobs for High School Students http://www.moneycrashers.com/part-time-jobs-high-school-students/

Working a part-time job during high school can be a great way to learn skills and earn extra cash. See this list of the best part-time jobs for students.


Carter: U. Now An 'Oligarchy' Where 'Unlimited Political Bribery' Is Path To Presidency

Forgiving the Narcissist vs. Abuse Amnesia   Forgiveness? That is never going to happen. No remorse = no forgiveness.

Forgiving the Narcissist vs. Abuse Amnesia

Abduction and rape of girls in the Bible, Ruth and Exodus.

A Nigerian girl admitted to poisoning her newlywed husband and two of his friends because ‘she was forced to marry a man she did not love,’ according to police.

Family Photographer | Karen's Teenage Boys| Adamson Estate ...

Gathering teenage boys for a photo shoot isn’t an easy task, but it’s definitely worth the effort! Karen was able to round up her boys for their family session and she will remember this day forever.


The Queen Of Mean: 15 Times Michelle Obama Was A Very Angry First Lady — Tantrums, Feuds, Fights & More!