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A Day In The Life Of A Disney Hairdresser…

Don't even try to tell me that Merida's hair is a perm. You CANNOT get those kind of curls in a salon. They're completely natural. A Day In The Life Of A Disney Hairdresser…

The Life of hairstylist, they forgot this one, I heard it today "I know I should give you a tip, but I'm not going to, next time" NO WORD IS A LIE IN THAT SENTENCE, end quote

The Life of a Hairstylist: 10 Moments Every Hairdresser Will Have - this is so true and so funny!

Scissors Mugs Set Of 2 [ummmmm...YES.]

Mug of the Day: August 22, 2014 (The Daily Coffee Club)

Scissors Mugs Set Of 2 Perfect gift for that special crafter friend or your hair stylist.

Life of a hairdresser.

Bahahaha all the time!

how to bevel hair

How to bevel hair. Great tip for curly girls! One easy way to prevent the dreaded triangle appearance.

You Know You're a Hairdresser When...

✄ You're know you're a hair dresser when.

Hairdressing has been proven to be one of the happiest occupations in the UK - you lucky things! #hair #stylist #hairdresser

Being a hairdresser is the best profession. All day we get to listen to music, be creative, bond with.

I need these! Skull shears

Skull scissors and thinning shears. courtesy of Al from "Locals Only" barbershop! I need these in my life!

I'm a hairdresser. What's your superpower? | hair meme | hair humor | Wonder Woman

I'm a hairdresser. What's your superpower?