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Created by Greg Evans, Luann is a look into the dramatic and (most of all) hilarious life of one of the comic strip world's favorite teenagers.

Tyson and Snowden

Edward Snowden talk with Neil deGrasse Tyson radio show about alien encryption

Arts education

Lin-Manuel Miranda just dropped 9 truths about the power of education.


Scientists Seek UN Approval to Create Asgardia, Earth’s “First Space Nation”

What is most inspiring about this prodigy isn't necessarily his accomplishments…

The Inspiring 14 Year-Old Prodigy Who Dreams in Computer Code

The Story of God with Morgan Freeman - National Geographic Channel

Why the Oscar-winning actor, director, and TV host embarked on a global search for God.

Popes Francis and Tawadros Agree on One Easter for All

2 popes praying: Egyptian Copt and Pope Francis Nicole Winfield, Associated Press a. EDT May 2013 Pope Francis, right.

'Star Trek' celebrates 50 years - CNET

For 50 years, the Star Trek franchise has made history with its vision of the future. From miniskirts and memes to real-life tech, we're celebrating the little sci-fi show that became an enduring and influential part of our culture.