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Dropping Bombs

Superfortress dropping bombs during war Korean War North Korea 1951 Canvas Art - x

A Boeing B-29 over Korea. During WWII the advanced B-29 was more or less immune to Japanese fighter interception but this changed during Korea when they encountered the Mig-15 jet. B-29s sustained heavy casualties and were forced to conduct operations at night.

Korean War Pictures: Korean War Pictures - The Lead Bomber Dropping Its Bombs

Douglas A-20 Havoc formation.

Havoc bombers of US Bomb Group based at RAF Gosfield, England, United Kingdom, date unknown Source United States Government Added By C.

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Ordance man inserting fuse into demolition bomb in bomb bay of

Charles Fenno Jacobs - "Berlin Airlift”, 1945 * Black Star

Charles Fenno Jacobs US planes airlifting supplies into Berlin during the blockade of the city by Stalin, 1945 *Black Star

Bf 109 's F  Source WW2 aircraft - arguably the best aircraft of the war....

― Historians Unionさん( 「The Messerschmitt Bf was a German World War II fighter aircraft that was the backbone of…」

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[Photo] B-29 Superfortress bomber 'USS Pintado', named after the submarine which had rescued some of the crew off Japan in Jun 1945, date unknown

Bomb Group (VH) crew 13 standing beside their named for their rescuer, submarine USS Pintado

B-29 Bombers head for Japan.

Bombers head for Japan. My Dad was a gunner on a based on Tinian. And my dad was a pilot of the

Hard to miss at that altitude (Martin B-26 Marauder)

Marauder : Documentary on the WWII Fighter/Bomber Martin Marauder

Boeing B-29s Stratofortresses over Japan, 1945 - amazing photo

Boeing drop bombs over Rangoon, Burma. Nearest aircraft is (S/N of the Bomb Squadron, Bomb Group, Air Force. This aircraft was reported as shot down by flak Mar 1945 near Nagoya, Japan (U.