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Pear, yam, fennel and caped gooseberry frittata #whitelightchef

Pear, yam, fennel and caped gooseberry frittata

Cape gooseberry and pear jam

Until recently, I had no idea what a ground cherry was. Or that they were also called “Cape Gooseberries.” Or that there is a difference between this kind of gooseberry and a “tru…

Key lime mousse with cape gooseberry

Key lime mousse with cape gooseberry

panecillos aromáticos 2

panecillos aromáticos 2

This classic cod preparation is given new life with the addition of ground cherries, a relative of the tomatillo.

National: Cod with Ground Cherries en Papillote

Ground cherries appear in dishes and across the country, such as ground cherry streusel coffee cake and cod with ground cherries en papillote.

cape gooseberries by Monica

Panna cota de baunilha com puré de physalis # Vanilla panna cota with cape goosberries purée

Cape Gooseberry (or Ground Cherry) jam and tart recipes

One of the most rewarding aspects of my baking life in India is being able to experiment with exotic fruit without having to take out a second mortgage. At home in Scotland, mangoes, lychees, papay.

Pichuberry breakfast ice cream

Protein Packed Pichuberry Cereal Bowl

Pichuberry breakfast ice cream