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gdfalksen: Evelyn Kriete on a T-Rex, we are all doomed…………………. If science could ever bring back the dinosaurs this is what would happen. I think the T-Rex would be named “Fluffy” DINOPUNK by markwheatleygallery © Mark Wheatley. All rights reserved.

Steampunk — what is it? | Susan Dennard

This awesome meme brought to my mind the trailer I just saw for 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter'. I would love the caption to say: "Are you a patriot or a vampire?" :D

“He Just Might be in Another Castle.” by garybedel  $28.28

Badass Interpretations of Videogame Characters: Armored Princess Peach and Yoshi

Roots, Art Illustrations, Fairies

Dragons/Dinosaurs in History - "On April 26, 1890 the Tombstone Epitaph (a local Arizona newspaper) reported that two cowboys had discovered and shot down a creature – described as a “winged dragon” – which resembled a pterodactyl, only MUCH larger. The cowboys said its wingspan was 160 feet, and that its body was more than four feet wide and 92 feet long... The paper’s description of the animal fits the Quetzelcoatlus."

Historical accounts of dragons during medieval times, inch in nature and mid east