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A quick introduction to letterform anatomy & typography basics


A quick introduction to letterform anatomy & typographic basics


Came across this quick reference guide of typographic terms and definitions today. I just love the page above explaining the anatomy and form of letters. What is it with type? The book is called The typographic Desk Reference.

The Ultimate Guide to Font Pairing

The Ultimate Guide to Font Pairing

The Design School's Ultimate Guide to Font Pairing – Design School

A useful chart depicting 'The Anatomy of Type'. #inspiration

This chart is a helpful way to illustrate and highlight each of the type anatomy terms that will be useful in this class. They show different examples than what we have seen in our textbook and in lecture.

653 Recursos Grátis de Tipografia

References and tutorials - 90 top-quality typography tutorials

Una infografía que resume en un póster todos los términos del apasionante mundo de la tipografía: esa recóndita esquina del arte que sin apenas notarlo nos rodea y abarca con letras y detalles de diseño sin fin.

London foundry Fontsmith has produced an in-depth glossary of typography jargon in infographic format.

Ascender - Any part of a lower case letter which rises above the main body of the letter such as in "d", "b" and "h". Typography: Anatomy of a Letterform - Designmodo

Typography: Anatomy of a Letterform

Anatomy for designers and type lovers.

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Type Anatomy Research.

Typeface Anatomy Typeface anatomy describe most of the graphic elements that make up printing letters in typefaces, the strokes of letters make the anatomy of the typeface up, the image below is Ty…

The beautiful clean design of these explanatory images make this website soooo worth looking at for anyone with a bit of a font obsession

Anatomy Of Letter – Thinking with Type by Ellen Lupton. Learn the basics of typography, like the anatomy of typefaces and much more, from the book of Ellen Lupton Thinking With Type.


A spread from the introductory section of The Anatomy of Type This image was generated from one of the book’s final PDFs, but we made one more edit before we sent the book to press. Can you spot the missing label?

I'm in #love. Who wants to sport me the $100 for this awesome poster design? #typography #design

Typography Deconstructed - anatomy of type

Typeface Anatomy For Dummies

Typeface Anatomy For Dummies / Designers [Infographic]

Stephen Tiano, "Pairing typefaces in book design," David Airey's Blog (4 March 2011).

How the web and its various platforms affect type selection.

beautiful typography infographic, or just a nice poster.

Infographic of the Day: A Visual Dictionary for Type Fans

Beautiful typographic poster on the anatomy of type called Lesson Plan Print by Ligature, Loop & Stem.

6 Free PDF eBooks on Typography Source: Pelfusion

FREE Font: Celestina Typeface By TheHungryJPEG

FREE Font: Celestina Typeface

FREE Font: Celestina Typeface By TheHungryJPEG