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Royal Wessex Yeomanry soldiers on live-firing exercise with Challenger 2  at Lulworth Ranges pic.twitter.com/QkIdVGREPN

Reservists Training to be Challenger Tank Crew

A British Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank from the Royal Dragoon Guards

British Royal Army - "Challenger Main Battle Tank - Crew: 4 (Commander, Gunner, Loader/Operator, Driver) Armament: 1 x (Rifled) Rounds) and 1 x Chain Machine Gun (Commander's Cupola) In Service Built

A British army Challenger tank pulls security during a decisive action training environment exercise, Saber Junction

[IMG] A German Army Leopard II tank, assigned to Panzer Battalion, lays down a cover of white smoke during Saber Junction 2012 at the Joint.

British Army Challenger 2 MBT DT22AA

Bovington Tank Museum TANKFEST 2013 Sunday June British Army Armoured Trials and Development Unit (ATDU) with Challenger 2 MBT giving a demonstration of its capabilities in a simulated theatre of operation (sadly no firing of the gun)

Challenger 2 MBT - British Army Firepower

Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank and an Apache Longbow helicopter during the firepower demonstration at Warminster [Picture: Corporal Ian Forsyth RLC]

Soldiers sit in a tank on a hill in Lulworth firing range during training

Army Photographic Competition: The winning images

British Army Challenger 2 belonging to the Royal Wessex Yeomanry on Lulworth Ranges in Dorset

A British Challenger main battle tank waits by the Basra-Kuwait Highway near Kuwait City following the retreat of Iraqi forces during Operation Desert Storm. In the background are British armored personnel carriers and a wrecked garbage truck.

Desert Storm is a codeword used by American military to refer the First Gulf War which lasted between August 1990 and 28 February

UK Main Battle Tank Challenger 2 fitted with a Mobile Camouflage System (MCS)[118.11 ppc / 300.00 ppi]

UK Main Battle Tank Challenger 2 fitted with Mobile Camouflage System (MCS)