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August Morning Rug, Mineheart – CultureLabel

The iconic Persian rug design is brought up to date with the addition of bright polka dots in this new range of rugs by Mineheart. The contrast of the traditional winding woven floral motifs with the bright geometric pops of colour creates a centu

I know many people think of autumn colors and warm and cozy (browns, maroons, earthy greens), but sometimes autumn can be really vibrant and bold.

Inspired By: Autumn

I love nature and my favourite season is fall. I love fall because it is so calming and pretty. It also helps that my birthday is in the fall.

Pinterest | cosmicislander ✧

Pinterest | cosmicislander ✧

Stay warm and cosy with a mug of hot soup and fabrics in beautiful burnt orange tones...

8 reasons to celebrate Halloween

Autumn allows us to celebrate gluttony. With the harvest over and an abundance of pumpkins on the market, spice up your meal with the addition of this deliciously goopy lava.

Feng Shui Tip– Autumn This time of year is represented by bringing in the harvest. It is the time when we decide what to keep and what to throw away. The Metal Element resonates with autumn. Help support and nourish this energy by strengthening and balancing the Metal Energy in your space.

Sunday Photo: Autumn Beauty

The leaves of fall are filling my yard. I love the fall smells of burning leaves, cinnamon, pumpkin flavored coffee. The snug feeling of my favorite fleece. I love the fall.

Autumn Leaf Hanging Save The Date

Autumn Leaf Hanging Wood Save The Date

nature rainbow - Andy Goldsworthy. My 9,999th pin.  I usually save each 100th pin but I liked all the 9's.

ombre-leaves-fall-wedding - Once Wed

nature rainbow - Andy Goldsworthy~~ we can all do this. next Fall go outside and look for colorful leaves. have fun! That is ART.

Five ways to keep your chin up during the winter months.

Five ways to keep your chin up during the winter months. (Cider with Rosie)

Love these salt dough leaf ornaments

Cinnamon Salt Dough Leaf Ornaments

Would make cute cookies using food coloring and basic sugar cookie recipe. Make some salt dough leaf ornaments using scened cinnamon salt dough and leaf cutters. A lovely activity for kids to make into decorations for Autumn or Fall