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Last time I played, it was so inconvenient that it literally started raining as soon as I grabbed a ledge after gliding to it over a chasm of death And that happened THREE TIMES IN 40 minutes>> ugh

This is SO TRUE

A rule of Legend of Zelda: play any game post-Ocarina of Time, and yes, this is going to happen to you.

All of the Links hang out with each other

Link and The Links AU: Circle Of Tri Well excuuuuuuuse me, Princess

I could totally see this conversation happening

just remember

Gerudo Picking up Guys 101 (x-posted from /r/zelda) http://ift.tt/2lC7s8k

Gerudo Picking up Guys 101 Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild


member how he blushed when the person who gave him the gerudo clothes called him cute

Boi lemme tell ya a little story. I've been sleeping for 100 years, my friends are dead, and I have to save the princess cause she wanted to face calamity ganon while I was out. And guess what buddy, my horse. Dead.

BOTW link slept for literally 100 years. His friends, home and horse are all gone. Stop complaining Ocorina of time!

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always xD my nintendo and my phone always went the same way. in my face xD always

Prince Sidon is so encouraging and Link is so cute! ~Breath of the Wild.

The reaction Link was giving was the same reaction I gave watching this scene! Sidon is so cool!

Forever love this

Forever love this