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Kids Demo Warp '09

View weaving draft - Kids Demo Warp created by Sally Orgren. Find various weaving drafts designed by members of Weavolution.

goose eye weaving - Google Search

Modifying draft - Visit Weavolution to discuss Modifying draft. Learn weaving from Weaving Teachers.

twill towel draft - compliments of allfiberarts.com

Twill Sampler Towels - All Fiber Arts The draft shows 4 different treadlings. Many other treadling combinations are possible. Try these out, as well as experimenting with your own, to create your own unique towels for your kitchen.

Houndstooth weaving pattern

pinwheel or star draft with tie-up like pinwheels, thanks to Rebecca Winter

figure 447: A Manual of Weave Construction | Ivo Kastanek | Austria | 1903 | 4-shaft, 4-treadle

draft image: Figure A Manual of Weave Construction, Ivo Kastanek,