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What the fuck? All three people look perfect the way they are. Y'all make me wanna break something and that ain't a good thing

honestly fuck all the people in the comment sections; they're literally just reflecting their anxiety about their ugly selves onto innocent women who are confident about their bodies<< I hate people who can't just let other people be happy

A powerful illustration on the sexual double standard all women face. You can't ever win, so wear what you want.

This picture shows how girls are judged based on the clothes they where or their skirt length. Girls with short skirts are often defined as a "slut" or "whore.

The orginal one was so stupid.

Fixed it :) Brock Turner, Stanford rape case. Stop apologizing for convicted rapists.

Rape culture has to stop.<< nazi shit all over again

They refuse to acknowledge that the women was raped and then they drawn attention to saying it was her fault that he got HIV+ and saying that women should wear something that lets them know they're HIV+. This is rape culture.

I made a really good thing. Liger mama

I thought ligers couldn't have kids as I thought scientists said cross-species animals were infertile - like with tigons and zorses too.

This is real, because I have a Blu-Ray of this movie with extras, and this scene was in it, and I was like, "WHAT?!?"

Why would they delete this scene. Draco has always had a bad reputation (making me sad because he is my favorite and no it's not because of the movies I loved him in the books too) this could have been his redemption

athugsdream   anti-rape

"*yells at the top of my lungs* AN INVESTMENT? AN INVESTMENT? *inhuman shriek of rage* Is this a real hashtag?" => thats it i am so fucking done with you damn humans, i am moving to another planet and becoming an alien.

Very funny :)

Very funny :)

The most ridiculous thing sometimes is the fact that people get offended when you tell them it's an insult to compliment your appearance. But it's more ridiculous to compliment someone on something they have no control over. "Wake up pretty". what utter bullshit.

Why can't we have teen magazines that address both fashion and technology, makeup and weight lifting tips, without classifying one thing as "girly" or "boyish"?