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*Son-Neko - deviantART Rose and Haha I love the wallpaper and the hair moving behind the couch cracked me up.

Ted and Marshall #HIMYM

How I Met Your Mother M: It's time to grow up. can you make us some PB&Js for the road? T: Crust cut off! M: Crust cut off! No, Ted. We're men! M: Mom! Leave the crust on!

Ted, I've been trying to tell you this for years.  Your "bacon allergy" is a lie your mother made up so you'd eat healthy as a kid. - Marshall

You’re Telling Me Those Were All Lies?

You're Telling Me Those Were All Lies? How I Met Your Mother. Ted and Marshall.

Geeky moment, because I can. Doctor Who. #thedoctor

I think it's hilarious that the episode that's pretty much always regarded as "The Worst Episode" came out with the quote that sums it up so well.<--- Worst episode is everyone's fave. We just don't talk about it.

random picardness

Ladies and gentlemen, Sir Patrick Stewart! I need more Sir Patrick Stewart in my life.

And that my friends is how you get a Dalek to identify itself. <<< Can't delete that sass!

Funny pictures about Daleks vs. Oh, and cool pics about Daleks vs. Also, Daleks vs.

For those who don't get it - that's Robin from the tv show "How I met your mother." Her character was a teen pop-star in Canada when she was a teenager!

Just a fact


"Most of the Garleks were killed in the Thyme War. Puns, Doctor Who, AND food!

This is the meanest thing to do to a drunk person, but they will learn a great lesson on why not to drink so much.:

Don't Drunk Text a DOCTOR WHO Fan

Excuse the language. It's what you get for drunk texting a Whovian. I hope this person spent all night walking around graveyards all night looking for the TARDIS

How I met your mother

Funny pictures about Barney's awesome lying skills. Oh, and cool pics about Barney's awesome lying skills. Also, Barney's awesome lying skills.

1001996_10151760824740009_978415672_n.jpg 306×720 pixels

We need heroes who fix things, who come to help, and who have "extra heart". not heroes who blow up stuff and surprise themselves on the rare occasions that they feel for someone else.

That's why I love How I met your mother

That's why I love How I met your mother

game of champions

Quelf Board Game: Quelf is the unpredictable party game that gives RANDOM a new name! Quelf is easy to play, just pick a character, roll the die and