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Are You Looking For Encouragement? - (in)courage

"The pessimists say life is hard and won’t get better. The optimists say life is good or will be soon. But the believers say our hope is in Jesus whether life is hard or life is good, releasing the right to predict the future, holding on to God who comes to be with us now."

Even if all your glasses tend to be half-full, if you lean toward Pooh and away from Eeyore, if you tend to be the first to spot the silver lining, […]

Beautiful inadequacy produces a surprising peace because it turns my focus from myself to the One who is always enough.

“Never stop improving.” I heard this company tagline as I was listening to the radio this morning and it got me thinking. There is something appealing about the idea that […]

On how to be brave when you're scared…and why it's time we stop living safe lives as followers of Jesus

What Really Happens When We Look Fear in the Face

I walk into a room of 500 dining women waiting for someone to take the stage and my fear isn’t speaking in front of .


Despite what people said and what I had expected, college was not the season of life where I found out who I was.

Understanding biblical confrontation

Whatever Happened to "Carefrontation?"

Ironically enough, I woke that morning with a spring in my step. The exhaustion of mothering our three stair-step babies had settled in, but amidst the chaotic, oatmeal in my […]

You Are Where You Are For a Reason…Maybe you were born in America so you can use your resources to help someone in another country. Something to think about.

You Are Where You Are For a Reason

We sat on the lush green lawn next to the sprawling manor and let the sun warm us. July in Kenya is cold. The Mercy House babies toddled and giggled […]

Joy Dare Giveaway! I'm taking the challenge to express my thankfulness to God for at least 3 things each day. That over 1000 gifts in a year. When+You+Dont+Want+A+New+Year+but+A+New+You.+.+.+{Camera+Giveaway}

When You Don't Want A New Year but A New You. . . {Camera Giveaway} *UPDATED with winner

How Maggie Pluim knew to ask that question, I'll never has it's unending I had told her straight up that I had no intention of showing up for the church's annual New Year's Eve party with Marian Brubacher's caramel popcorn and Viola Gingerich&


The Power of a Blessing Your Children

The Power of a Blessing "Death and life are in the power of the tongue.