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Original 1980's viscount phone

Pixpri Goatskin LEATHER Gardening Gloves - Comfort Fit 3D Mesh Improves Dexterity and Breathability - Pull Weeds, Plant a Rose Garden, Trim Trees- Improved Scratch Resistance (Man-Medium, woman-large

weet je nog meer oude telefoons te benoemen?

Vintage Nokias: my first phone was the Nokia 5110 the standard in cool with interchangeable faceplates and sweet polyphonic ringtones. Ah, memories!

Telephone Box -You dialed the number and only put your money in when the other person answered and you heard the pips.

A magic telephone number! To enter inside the ministry of magic through the visitor's entrance, Arthur Weasley enters the numbers 62442 inside the telephone cabin. On a typical telephone cabin the letters under the numbers make the word "Magic"!

Legendary Tony Hart

'Good, bad, average' the sound of me and my sis judging the gallery on Hartbeat, LOVED that show Tony Hart- Hartbeat - kids tv

Vintage UK 1970s - 80s BROWNIE Girl Guide UNIFORM + HAT TIE & BELT- ebay  I had this uniform!!! I joined in 1988 when the badges on the right side of the uniform were updated- but the older girls all had this version of the 'venture' and 'roadway' badges. Ah, the nostalgia!

Vintage 1970s - 80s BROWNIE Girl Guide UNIFORM + HAT TIE & BELT

Tufted Candlewick bedspreads. Hid a multitude of sins and still do. It really didn't matter if your sheets were patched, or your blankets were ex-army, because it all looked so respectable during the day!

Vintage ad for chenille bedspreads. Wish chenille bedspreads were easy to find these days!

Terry's Neopolitans.  I used to get a box of these in my Christmas stocking every year.  I wish they would bring them back!

Synonymous with Christmas for anyone under these much-missed mini-choc bars disappeared when manufacturer Terry's of York was gobbled up by multinational food giant, Kraft, in The foil-paper wrappers and flavours were, however, seared by rote an

BBC Model B - 32 KB RAM - school IT

The Model A had 16 KB of user RAM; the Model B had 32 KB of user RAM. Built by Acorn Computers the BBC Model B was built for the computer literacy project operated by the BBC.