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I am off to spill energy drink on my goldfish // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

... That was an unexpected plot twist.

This literally made my life complete hahah "I didnt know BBC had a tumbler!" bahaha "The mother of all plot twists.

Not mine, please credit if you know who to.

Not mine, please credit if you know who to.

Photoshopped Melons…

I remember seeing the "blue watermelon" before and i knew it was photoshopped because I had seen the normal picture about two years prior!

Repining for the pic at the end

I don't like the rest of this, but the Vulcan Christmas carol is awesome!

Some of these are good, some are bad, but saving for the good lol

Long Tumblr post, but it's very funny

Swiper no swiping! I just woke my hubby up, because I was laughing so damn hard about swiper!

This is so GREAT!! :D I HAVE to do this!! :D I mean, I already include Les Mis in every English paper, but... this would be a step up ;)

Funny pictures about I broke my teacher. Oh, and cool pics about I broke my teacher. Also, I broke my teacher.

Good! Yeah, whenever you're happy it makes me happy to. I'll see you at 4ish! Pray for my lesson!

Funny pictures about Sarcasm font. Oh, and cool pics about Sarcasm font. Also, Sarcasm font.

That Mary thing really freaked us out.

These posts are freakishly accurate. Oh my gosh the one with the tights though XD<<< the last one describes my life

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THE COMMENTS THO«sorry for language but I couldn't resist! And the reality of the second one omg

Everybody pack your bags we know were we're going

I have found the island where fandoms will rule<<< YES LET'S GO RIGHT NOW<<<AND AWAY WE GOOOOO! <<<<< Also, Niue is struggling with a population decrease so if all of you people do move to the island it will help out there economy greatly!

only on tumblr will you accidentally meet your long lost twin

It's like if The Parent Trap took place in 2014

It's like if The Parent Trap took place in Anyone else think they both look like Scarlet Johansson? <---A bit xd