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Monja Gentschow installation art piece. Brilliant. Looks as if the pictures are escaping/travelling through the space.

Monja Gentschow

Is it possible to fall so deeply in love with an innate decorative object like so? Well, I just did. Pictures stacked out of frame. Idea: photos falling out of frame. Life is not a picture perfect frame.

Interior Design - Entryway

11 Things All Effortlessly Chic Homes Have in Common

Designers, check them out for high quality, unusual, elegant, compelling lights and decor. They will also be at Las Vegas Market Jan.

A quilt inspired by the Large Hadron Collider.

Dark Matter Eye, by Kate Findlay. An art teacher at a private elementary school in the UK makes amazing quilts inspired by the hardware of the Large Hadron Collider.

drew conrad.....

drew conrad.....

large abstract painting shades of blue aqua 24x36 pamela munger modern art wall decor

large abstract painting shades of blue aqua pamela munger modern art wall decor

Art meets science - Large Hadron Collider inspired quilt by Kate Findlay

roomthily: The Alice Adventure, 2011 (Kate Findlay) via symmetry all the quilts should be large hadron collider quilts.

Vibrant Abstract Mountain Murals

Vibrant Abstract Mountain Murals