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I know that feeling. 😜

I know that feeling. 😜

OH MY GOSH! I'm dying... so bad...

I laughed way too hard at this. Make little things count - Teach midgets math.

sarcasm.....THANK YOU

Funny pictures about A body's natural defense. Oh, and cool pics about A body's natural defense. Also, A body's natural defense.

Goliath Tigerfish: Congo River in Africa Locals say it's the only fish that doesn't fear the crocodile, and will even devour some of the smaller ones! In rare instances, it's also been known to attack humans. Held by Jeremy Wade, host of "River Monsters"

This Deadly river creature is the Giant Goliath Tiger Fish. This river monster can be found living in the Congo River basin, Lualaba River and Lake tanganiyi.

I knew I could do one of 3 things…