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I my boys with all of my heart and I hope I get to meet them and thank them one day, they make everyone feel beautiful

Never mess with Bradford Bad Boi ;)xx lol and then Niall laughing in the background!!!!! XD

Don't mess with zayn bc he doesn't play haha he was just playing with her thoo ♥♥♥

Just do it :') xx click the picture...<<< OMG I'm done with life... You have to do it you won't regret it :)

Just do it :') xx click the picture. Cause then Pin it,love it,and send it will pop up. Just put your finger on it for a second and let go to let it take you to that website and just wait!

:) cute  although, wouldn't it have been cute to use their X factor numbers? I should take over management....  -Elizabeth<3

In the Kiss You video the numbers on their jacket are the date of their birthday. >> took me awhile, I was like nooo, but in the UK, the date comes before the month(:

This was me!

Oh My Carrots this is what happened when some "directioner" started to sing this in class my best friend made the Harry face!

Bahahahahahahahahahaha! Pardon Niall's potty mouth but this is too funny. Mostly because if they signed me up for any type of pageant they would all be killed lol

I hate these things, but this one is funny. Niall's reaction cracked me up. And if they'd ever do that, no way would I ever wear a dress on stage in front of people.

Caroline, Taylor, Kendall... waiting for Dezember 7th to see who it will be this year

*cough* Taylor Swift *cough* Kendall Jenner *cough* Oh Harry, sweetie.

Yas that's me see Louis understands me <<< he looks like he's about to yell "charge" or something lol

I am Liam, Louis is my friend Payton. The Harry is Emma. Zayn is Izzy. And Edie is Niall.