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awesome folder names

What my class will see when I plug my USB to the projected computer.

wonder how that bank teller felt.

the memo makes the whole thing. Notice it is for a verizon bill. Who would want to piss of verizon?

Hahahahahaha oh my gosh, water puns(;

Funny pictures about Text Puns. Oh, and cool pics about Text Puns. Also, Text Puns photos.

I cannot watch the first movie....so bad. Who told Kristen Stewart she could act?

Funny pictures about Twilight Drinking Game. Oh, and cool pics about Twilight Drinking Game. Also, Twilight Drinking Game.

HAHAHA!!! I think it's funny that "Mormons" are the one for Utah, and yet the ones I know they're quite pleasant people!

scariness according to individual states. This would be cool if it was legitimate scary things. But too many of them are just zombie (fill in the blank pertaining to this state). Massachusetts being Red Sox fans is kinda funny though.


40 Funny Pictures to Make you Laugh Right Now

The Yolocaust. I laughed so loud that my kids asked me what was so funny.