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Ninja owl

Look closely, and you’ll see an Eastern screech owl hiding in plain sight! These owls are nocturnal and their amazing camouflage allows them to go largely unnoticed in the daytime.

Northern Saw-Whet Owl--term paper owl! Isn't it just the cutest?!

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Image viaAn owl knows all the secrets of the forest, but tells them in a voice we cannot understand.Image viaBaby Owl Pictures: Photos of Cute Animals, Young OwlsImage

do you hear what I hear?  A song, a song, high above the trees,  with a voice as big as the sea~    What a beautiful owl and a beautiful song ... not my words above.

How is that this owl is living in the snow? The owl has adopted to its environment. Nature found a way to make it work. We tend to find ways to go against nature. Let's get back to being one with nature.

Owls are absolutely wonderful creatures. They hunt during the night using their wings that wave almost silently to catch victims. During the day-time they hide from predators with the help of their camouflage. The colors of owls' feathers allow them to be almost invisible against the background of surrounding nature. Try to find them at these pictures!

Look closer - Incredible examples of owl camouflage

Owley Owl was awarded the Honors Graduation Diploma, but damned if anyone could find him to receive the award.

even when you think you're alone....  be still and know that I am God

And now that I brought that name up, idk whether to be sad about Hedwig or happy about this adorable picture :-\ What they fail to realize is that this is a barn owl, not a snowy owl ~Sabrina


Disheveled Owl - This is the cutest owl ever! I think I've fallen in love with owls! This one is so cute.