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A horse onesie!

A world without fashionable animals is one we don’t want to live in – Funnyfoto

a nurse and patient

Dressed myself and my horse for our annual Halloween Costume Show at our barn. We were a hit! Costume Horses Learn about

Fail happens, but some instances are impressively bad – 32 Pics

This newspaper headline is scarring VS Pie eating contest : CrappyDesign

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86d.jpg (782×440)

86d.jpg (782×440)

Haven't done a post for a while and love this one from Back in the pool tomorrow too

I dont even know what to say.

The dinosaur is asking a QUESTION that really makes you think about what he is asking.Can you answer his QUESTION?Andy Lopez :D

First Time For Everythingツ #Humor #Funny #Lol:

Adorable firsts. Not sure the Hooter's first qualifies as "adorable" but I laughed.

50 Hot Halloween Funny Pictures and Memes – Part 1

50 Hot Halloween Funny Pictures and Memes - Part 1 – Funnyfoto