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Climb a Pillow Mountain - gross motor activity.

Encourage Reading and Pretend Play With Let's Pretend Balloon Toons

Sensory Processing activities

Soothing the Anxious Child

Sensory Integration Strategies and Tips There is a great expectation for children to stay on task, practice “quiet sitting” and to control their impulses. In certain situations, th.

On Progress and SPD #sensoryprocessingdisorder #specialneeds #gettinghelp

On Progress and SPD

Fantastic Sensory Processing Disorder Spd Infographic Shows How Our Sense Work What Spd Is Signs Of

Five Activities for Crossing the Midline (and Why It’s Important)

five activities for crossing the midline (and why it’s important

Activities for crossing the midline - making both sides of the brain communicate with each other, required for reading and writing

How to make a weighted lap band to help fidgety kids calm down, Repinned by SOS Inc. Resources

Make a Lap Belt - a DIY Sensory Tool

SUMMARY: DIY weighted lap band to help fidgety kids calm down. CONNECTIONS: Kiddos on the spectrum needing that sensory. Have multiple in an area for kids to grab when they need it Students help make these TARGET AGE: early elementary grade

Let's Play Santa's Workshop -- Activiites for Little Elves!

Let's Play Santa's Workshop

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Did you know? At least 1 in 20 children are suffering from a Sensory Processing Disorder (the inability to properly interpret incoming sensory information).