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Wherever this cafe is, I want to be.  I am so sick of people and their dependency on technology to get through a day.  We have become a society of anti-social morlocks, who think 'chatting' & 'texting' is communicating.

"No, we don't have wi-hi. Talk to each other." Cool Beans turns off the wi-fi once a week and forced people to talk to each other. The trick: It's a random day of the week each time.

I would love to do this to my husband. (insert devious laugh).

Funny Pictures – 39 Pics~I don't know why I find this so funny, but I do.

Google Image Result for http://www.alaskacommons.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/460x396xyou-may-be-cool-but-youll-never-be-teddy-roosevelt-riding-a-moose-cool.jpg.pagespeed.ic.SjU45O_Ts5.jpg

Theodore Roosevelt, riding a moose, Really? Teddy Roosevelt is one of the most interesting people to hold the office of president.

Who Knew The Gym Could Be So Funny? 20 Funniest Things Spotted At The Gym 12 - https://www.facebook.com/diplyofficial

"Education is important, but big biceps are importanter" is not wrong because "importanter" is not a word, there also needs to be a period and education needs to be capitalized. Grammar win: Education is important, but big biceps are more important.

I OWN THIS - Fun coffee table book for obvious reasons, though not overly informative. It features a handful of phobias and not the most shocking ones.

The Author Is Simultaneously Demented And Genius

But what if you had a phobia of pop-up books? Then you would never be able to read The Pop-up Book of Phobias because of your pop-up book phobia.

Kinda lame... or cheesy  A poem for Hannah Hart

OMG this is SWEET DREAMS by J. Strify haha I will never, ever hear this song ever again withOUT hearing these lyrics in my head. Sweet dreams are made of cheese.

Something i would most definitely do

Unexpected decoration…

I want to do this next time my mom comes to visit. Just put random pictures of strangers around the house!