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Ironic. This is exactly what's going on ;)

Nobody should talk about people when literally all they know is your name. If you've got bad dirt on them, that's a little understandable. But either way, its wrong

trey songz quotes | don't expect things to happen, it's better to feel surpised than to be disappointed - tumblr quotes

Don't Expect Things To Happen It's Better To Feel Surprised Than To Feel Disappointed


wiz khalifa swear goto the skate park they the realest up there fuck them broke bitchess and them thotties keeep that shit hunned

Who knew Drake was such a deep thinker... love it!

each day I’m thankful for: nights that turned into mornings friends that turned into family dreams that turned into reality and likes that turned into love - drake More love quotes here

I really Really love this quote <3

dang my heart. i should really listen to my mind more. it saves me heart ache. but my heart will never stop caring.

#Ladybadass #WarriorHeart

Be with a strong man. Strong of mind, strong of heart, but most importantly, strong of soul.